Even after Nuggets title, national media still doing ridiculous things

Jun 13, 2023, 11:48 AM

The Denver Nuggets were disrespected by the national media all year.

We covered it with Mark Jackson, Chris Mannix, Lisa Salters, Brian Windhorst and plenty of others.

You’d think after winning their first NBA championship, that nonsense would stop.

Well, it didn’t on Tuesday morning, with two glaring examples setting social media ablaze.

The first was from a likely suspect, none other than national talking head Skip Bayless. He wants you to watch his show on FS1 called “Undisputed,” so he sends out teases. But this one, well this one was ridiculous.

It barely even warrants a response, because it’s so absurd after what Nikola Jokic just accomplished in the playoffs. He had 10 triple-doubles in the playoffs and the Nuggets went 9-1 in those games. He was named MVP of the Western Conference Finals and the NBA Finals.

Jokic is clearly the best player on Earth and should’ve won a third straight MVP this season. Joel Embiid is a good player, but his postseason performance showed he’s not in the same stratosphere as Jokic.

And it wasn’t just Bayless. Dan Patrick asked a highly suspect poll question for his radio show this morning.

First of all, don’t criticize how another man soaks in success.

Second, did Patrick and his team of producers even stay up past the buzzer? The videos of Jokic jumping in the pool and celebrating with his daughter have gone viral. He was plenty excited about winning the championship.

Jokic even danced most of the night in the Nuggets’ locker room with his family. This poll question is extremely misguided.

For everyone who disrespected Denver this season, whatever, some of those can be forgiven. But these? The day after they won a title?

They’re simply not cool.


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Even after Nuggets title, national media still doing ridiculous things