Jerry Jeudy shares why he wanted no part of Steve Smith Sr. in KC

Oct 19, 2023, 4:47 PM | Updated: Oct 20, 2023, 11:58 am

The Jerry Jeudy and Steve Smith Sr. drama can finally be put to bed.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver met with the media on Thursday, and finally addressed what happened pregame in Kansas City.

The incident, which went viral after Smith blasted Jeudy on NFL Network, has been a talking point across the league.

Smith claims Jeudy used a slur and then told him “I don’t mess with you,” after Smith attempted to approach him pregame. This comes after Smith admitted to calling Jeudy “just a guy” on his podcast.

You need to watch Smith’s full 95-second rant to appreciate the full context, but it’s clear something went down. After Smith went off, Jeudy interrupted his next live shot and was seen dancing near the TV crew.

After the loss to the Chiefs, Jeudy claimed he didn’t remember what happened. A week later, he seems to remember just fine.

“This is my last time talking about it. He said he came to apologize. If you came to apologize to me I would understand that and I would’ve listened to what he had to say. But, where I’m from, if somebody talks bad about you, you don’t go to the person and try to act friendly toward them like you just didn’t talk bad about them,” Jeudy told reporters on Thursday.

Jeudy continued, pointing out he doesn’t have a problem with Smith, but he didn’t want him to be fake polite.

“I don’t go no hate toward Steve Smith. He’s a good player and all that. I just stand on what I stand on, you feel me? If you feel some type of way, keep that same energy when you see me in person,” Jeudy said.

Jeudy admitted the interaction went sideways, and if he had known Smith’s intentions, the whole thing could’ve gone down in a different way.

“If I would’ve knew he would’ve apologized, of course I would’ve reacted different. But at the same time, I know somebody was talking bad about me. I told him what it is and moved on from there. He wanted to take it the media and make it bigger than what it needed to be,” Jeudy said.

The “media” being when Smith destroyed Jeudy on TV for millions to see moments later. Jeudy emphasized one final time he could’ve handled it a bit better.

“I feel like I should’ve just listened to what he had to say. But at the same time, I’m going back to my roots, and where I’m from. Once somebody talks bad at you behind your back, don’t expect to come to them in person and think everything’s going to be okay,” Jeudy said.

Jeudy, who’s been the subject of many trade rumors in recent days, has just 20 catches for 222 yards and no touchdowns this season.



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Jerry Jeudy shares why he wanted no part of Steve Smith Sr. in KC