At what point is everyone to start worrying about Russell Wilson?

Aug 3, 2023, 3:01 PM

We are now being told that nothing really matters in terms of quarterback play during the current installation of the Broncos offense. The coaches are aghast that the media is reporting what’s happening. Clearly, the muggles know nothing of which they speak.

The problem is most of the harshest criticism is coming from current players. The “you didn’t play the game” cliche doesn’t have the same impact when ex-player after ex-player is shaking their head about the moribund offense.

Russell Wilson has been slow on the trigger, inaccurate and looks indecisive. It’s not like Jarret Stidham or Ben DiNucci are lighting it up, yet the separation between the three is negligible. When Patrick Surtain breaks up a pass in the end zone with the back of his helmet, you know there may be a problem.

“Uh, Coach, how did Surtain get concussed?”

“Well, you see, that’s what happens when a ball hits you in the back of the head. Come here. I’ll show you”

Peyton Manning famously quipped at Mike Klis, “Be careful, those wobblers hurt when they hit you in the head.” Klis had written a story about Manning’s “wobblers,” to which Peyton apparently took exception.

Surtain now knows the absolute truth of that statement. Proving he’s the all-world corner everyone knows him to be, he quickly recovered. But, it was just another one of those moments where you had to ask yourself, “What exactly is happening?”

It’s understandable that there is an ongoing process in the relationship between a new coach and a new QB, but this feels like you are getting lost getting to the house on the third date.

The sticky question is, exactly when are things supposed to look better? Perhaps, the running game dominates and all of this hand-wringing will be for naught. At this point, we are left to wonder where the disconnect is coming from. As we venture down the road, until there is some sort of dramatic turnaround, it looks more and more like we are headed for another disappointing year.

It does make you wonder if something deeper is going on with Russell Wilson. At some point, perhaps soon, the question may be as simple as, “Russ, are you okay?”



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At what point is everyone to start worrying about Russell Wilson?