The Denver Broncos reveal the date their new uniforms will drop

Apr 2, 2024, 1:15 PM | Updated: Apr 5, 2024, 8:23 am

The Denver Broncos set social media abuzz last week when they revealed they’d be getting new uniforms for the 2024 season.

Well, now we have a date to circle on the calendar.

Monday, April 22 will be the reveal. No time was given, but considering the initial tease was dropped at 8:00 a.m. MT, a morning unveiling feels likely.

At the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando in late March, team president Damani Leech confirmed some details about the new threads. The Broncos uniform will receive a “full re-design,” but the team’s navy-blue-and-orange color scheme will remain the same, while the horse-head logo on the helmet since 1997 will return for a 28th campaign.

A goal of the uniform is “wanting to evolve and be new and different while also being respectful of our history and traditions,” Leech added.


This would presumably bring down the curtain on the side-swoosh, ambulatory-parentheses era that lasted 27 seasons. The Broncos unveiled this uniform template in February 1997, and the initial reviews were, to be kind, mixed.

But success has a way of changing that sort of perspective. The Broncos won consecutive Super Bowls wearing that uniform, and the contrasting side-panel-look became a staple throughout football at all levels over the decade that followed.

But in the 2010s, designs began to change, favoring more streamlined uniform looks. And as players began wearing their uniforms differently — particularly in donning an untucked undershirt flopping from beneath the jersey — it negated the intended unifying effect of the side panels.

What was revolutionary in 1997 became dated and passé in recent years.

“I knew that was one of the first things that fans really just started tweeting me about, was the uniforms, so I knew there was a lot of passion — and a lot of creativity along the way,” Leech said last week. “Which I think is just a testament to the excitement of our fan base and how engaged they are and how much they do want to see new uniforms.”

Leech said the team received over 10,000 responses to a survey of fans about the uniforms.

“Three-quarters of them wanted new uniforms. Most of them wanted to keep the same colors and logo,” Leech said.

Specifically, the geographic and topographical surroundings of Colorado will be involved in the Broncos new uniforms.

“I think, from a geographic standpoint, there’ll be nods to that,” Leech said. “I think people will be really excited about it.”

The proof will come on April 22 when the Broncos’ first new look in 27 years is unveiled.


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The Denver Broncos reveal the date their new uniforms will drop