Charles Barkley on 104.3 The Fan: Nuggets are “clear-cut favorites” for title

May 5, 2023, 9:29 AM | Updated: 9:42 am

Charles Barkley has been a fan of the Nuggets and star center Nikola Jokic for years.

Anyone who watches Barkley on the “NBA on TNT” knows this, but the basketball legend gave some of his strongest praise yet for the team and “The Joker” on 104.3 The Fan on Friday morning.

Joining “Schlereth and Evans”, Chuck held nothing back. He told the guys almost right from the start of the interview what he thinks the Nuggets will accomplish this year.

“To me, y’all are the clear-cut favorites. I’ve seen nothing in the West, or the East, to make me think the Nuggets aren’t going to the Finals. And win this thing,” Barkley said.

Denver currently leads Phoenix 2-0 in their Round 2 series in the Western Conference. The Nuggets have won six postseason games, and have 10 to go to capture their first-ever NBA championship.

“I’m telling you right now, if I had a stack of money right now, and somebody says ‘you’ve got to put all of your money on one of these teams,’ there’s no doubt in my mind I’m going with the Nuggets. Flat out going with them,” Barkley added.

Barkley touched on a number of fascinating things during the conversation, and his praise of Jokic remained strong. In a lengthy answer, Barkley clearly thinks Jokic is an all-time great.

“The only other guy I saw pass like him, and Joker’s better, was Bill Walton. Bill Walton was, up until Joker, the best passing center I’d ever seen,” Barkley said. “The thing that amazes me about him is, when guys can outrun you and out-jump you, you’re like ‘okay this guy’s better than me because he’s just more talented.’ This guy is not the highest jumper, he’s not the fastest guy, but man, as I said the other night, we’re watching greatness.”

And while point guard Jamal Murray has had some huge moments for the Nuggets throughout the playoffs, Barkley is putting to bed any asinine notions he’s better than Jokic.

“I watch all the shows, and some dummies on other networks, just some dumb-dumbs said ‘is Jamal Murray the best player on the Nuggets?’ I said ‘hold on a second now.’ I love Jamal Murray, I’m a big fan of his, but if you don’t think Joker is the best player on the Nuggets team or one of the two or three best players in the world, you’re not even watching or you just don’t know anything about basketball.”

Barkley also discussed why the Nuggets getting rid of Bones Hyland was a good thing, why they have to breakthrough and at least make the NBA finals, plus his thoughts on the controversial MVP race.

To listen to the full interview, click here.



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Charles Barkley on 104.3 The Fan: Nuggets are “clear-cut favorites” for title