The fear mongering in Broncos Country has gotten out of control

Dec 8, 2021, 6:43 AM
Drop the Mike...

After yet another dispiriting loss to the Chiefs, I believe it’s safe to say the Broncos are what they are. They are a mediocre 6-6 team that hasn’t been able to string together a consistent winning streak.

This season is trending like so many of us thought it would way back in May when the schedule came out. The feeling was this was an 8-9 or 9-8 team. That’s exactly the pace they’re on right now. So that shouldn’t be a surprise.

What matters is what does an 8-9 or 9-8 record mean for Vic Fangio and Teddy Bridgewater?

It’s been funny listening to the fear mongering from my fellow co-hosts DMac and James Merilatt. They rail about how that kind of record would be a recipe to bring Vic back and maybe even Teddy.

Is there no respect for, and trust in, George Paton? Just because he passed on the can’t-miss kid, Justin Fields, his name is mud around here? Oh, I don’t know, I’m kinda impressed with his rookie draft class. I like some of the in-season moves he’s made. I thought the Von Miller trade was a master stroke.

So why the rush to assume Paton is content with the status quo? Try and look at it from his side. You’ve waited the last decade-plus to get a chance to run your own team. You know what your fellow GMs get to do. They get to put their imprint on the franchise. Hire their coach. Identify their QB. They get to play GM! Why wouldn’t Paton?

Now would be a convenient time to mention the impending ownership change. I just don’t buy the idea that Paton’s hands would be tied while waiting for new ownership. One, why would he sign up for this knowing that would be the case? Two, whoever the new owner(s) is/are, they’ll be likely looking at this as a multi-generational investment. Do you really think with upwards of $4 billion spent on this team they’re going to be sweating the contracts given to a new coaching staff?

Back to Paton. There’s a reason why I continue to say he’s the most compelling and important figure at Dove Valley. Really, he’s all that matters. He received a six-year deal. Good for him. However, he knows in the NFL those kind of contracts don’t buy that much security (See above: New ownership will not be sweating a few million here and there).

He can’t burn two years just sitting back and being content to watch it all play out. That’s not the kind of strategy that guarantees long-term employment and let’s face it, it’s not fun! It’s not what you do when you get a chance to play GM!

So while the Merilatts and DMacs play Chicken Little, can we maybe all take a breath, let the season play out and trust George Paton to ultimately do the right thing?

Drop the Mike

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The fear mongering in Broncos Country has gotten out of control