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IRS Problems Podcast

Tackle your IRS Problems with help from the IRS Problems Podcast with host Mike Evans and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist Todd Whalen, CPA, EA.  Todd will discuss pertinent solutions including offers in compromise, penalty abatement, payment plans, and more!  Plus, Todd will answer your IRS Problems questions during each episode.
June 21, 2022

How Does the Audit System Work?

Todd and Mike talk about the IRS’s power in audits. If the IRS changes something, who has the “burden of proof” to determine if you are innocent. And how do you prove you are innocent? As always, the IRS has the power. But knowledge can only help!   (13:57)
June 17, 2022

Tax Protesters Should See This Before They Walk Down This Path

Todd and Mike talk about the power of the IRS in regard to when you decide the tax filing is voluntary. What will the IRS do if you take the position that you no longer need to file taxes?   (23:34)
June 14, 2022

The IRS Has Supreme Power

Todd and Mike talk about the power of the IRS in regard to if you haven’t filed tax returns and what they can do if you owe money.  You will not believe it! But it’s true that the IRS has supreme power.   (16:01)
June 6, 2022

How to Pay Your Taxes

Understanding estimated taxes and tax withholding and how to fix a tax problem.   (19:56)
June 2, 2022

What to Do Now that the April Deadline Has Passed?

Todd and Mike discuss what to do if you owe and how to approach a tax debt if you owe this year.   (17:14)
May 30, 2022

How to Deal with the IRS

What helps when you call? What hurts? Can the IRS take your home?   (24:23)
May 26, 2022

What to Do if you File and Have a Bad Outcome?

An overview of how an offer works, and what if you are submitting an offer compromise and your income jobs.   (19:17)
April 13, 2022

3 Types of Offers in Compromise

Mike and Todd discuss IRS Problems and how an IRS Offer In Compromise can stop IRS collections. They also discuss the 3 different types of Offers in Compromise.  Todd explains how the IRS views a...   (20:16)
April 6, 2022

Do You Qualify for an Offer In Compromise?

Todd and Mike discuss the Offer in Process, and now it works. Todd answers listener questions about if they qualify for an Offer in Compromise if they can pay about $600 a month (credit cards debts of $500).   (16:31)
March 12, 2022

Settling with the IRS

Todd and Mike discuss some of the foundational concepts on an Offer In Compromise and things to consider if you want to settle with the IRS for less than you owe.   (17:57)
March 11, 2022

Tax Problems and International Travel

Todd and Mike discuss a solution called “uncollectable status,” where the IRS leaves you alone even though you have a balance due. How does this affect your ability to travel international...   (19:57)
March 11, 2022

IRS Troubles! Will I Go to Jail?

Mike Evans and Todd Whalen talk about the different levels of trouble with the IRS and the potential criminal and civil ramification of not filing.   (19:17)
March 2, 2022

4 Ways to Fix a Tax Problem

Todd and Mike discuss the 4 solutions available to fix a tax problem.   (22:16)