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DMac: A Relentless Life Pursuing Quarterbacks Podcast

There is no position more important in all of professional sports than the quarterback. Acquiring one can lay the foundation upon which a dynasty is built, while the absence of one eliminates any chance at greatness, as Broncos fans know all too well. For ages, teams, fans and pundits alike have debated the correct answer to football's most illusive question, but a definitive solution has never been presented – until now. Since the turn of the century, Darren "DMac" McKee has dominated the quarterback discussion and, at long last, his doctrines, dictums and dreams have been immortalized in literary history.  Immerse yourself in these stories and be transported to a world filled with sound logic, courage and an aversion to all things khaki. 
July 30, 2021

Chapter Twelve | A Lock Without a Key

In the final chapter, DMac breaks down the series of events that led Broncos to the quarterback predicament they currently face. Bonus: Several Fan hosts leave their reviews of DMac's book.    (17:13)
July 19, 2021

Chapter Eleven | Angry Joe Flacco

In this chapter, DMac recalls the wild ride that was the 2019 season, which included the rise and fall of "Angry Joe Flacco".    (19:36)
July 12, 2021

Chapter Ten | The 2018 Massacre

In this chapter, DMac reflects back on the litany of mistakes thay led up to the 2018 NFL Draft, and the decisions on draft day that have had a lingering effect on the team's success ever since.   (13:25)
July 5, 2021

Chapter Nine | If You Don't Take a First Round Quarterback, You're an Idiot

In this chapter, DMac explains why today's NFL demands teams to put a first-round emphasis on quarterbacks, and argues that bucking that trend because of outdated, historical outliers is idiotic.     (06:30)
June 28, 2021

Chapter Eight | Quarterback Budgets and Definitive Doctrines

DMac explains how the Kansas City Chiefs perfected the use of the Glennon-Trubisky Doctrine. He stresses how important it is for teams to have the foresight to establish a "quarterback budget" and the...   (16:17)
June 21, 2021

Chapter Seven | When Glennon Met Trubisky

DMac details one of the cornerstones of his quarterback philosophy: The Glennon-Trubisky Doctrine, which draws its roots from the bold decision made by the Chicago Bears during the first round of the 2017 draft.   (04:32)
June 14, 2021

Chapter Six | The Day Lightning Struck Twice

DMac tries to keep his cool while discussing the 2018 draft, which was widely considered the most quarterback-heavy draft class since John Elway's 1983 class. He points to all of the missteps that ult...   (05:36)
June 7, 2021

Chapter Five | Quarterbacks in the Twenties: The Painful Paxton Predicament

DMac relives the 2016 draft and points out how often the Broncos made the same mistakes over and over again. as evidenced by the selection of Paxton Lynch with the 26th overall pick.    (08:33)
May 31, 2021

Chapter Four | Caught Between a (B)rock and a Hard Place

DMac discusses how puzzling, in highsight, the decision to draft Brock Osweiler was and highlights how the Broncos set themselves up for years of middling performances by failing to prepare for life after Peyton Manning.    (09:03)
May 24, 2021

Chapter Three | Timothy. Richard. Tebow. Call me Timmy

DMac recalls the wild ride Broncos fans were taken on after the team drafted Tim Tebow. Through all of the highs and lows, DMac maintains that Tebow was a fascinating story, and his rise and fall in t...   (18:27)
May 17, 2021

Chapter Two | How the Fifth-Year Option Tamed the Wild West

DMac recalls his arrival in Denver, which aligned with John Elway's retirement, and lays out how the philosophical approach to drafting quarterbacks has changed dramatically over the years. He explain...   (05:53)
May 10, 2021

Chapter One | Bocce Ball with Meat Loaf - The Jim Kelly Time

DMac sets the stage for readers and dedicates the book to one very special Broncos quarterback. Mike Evans delivers the foreword before DMac turns back time to dive into his days in Buffalo where he w...   (15:42)