Mile High Magazine 11/22/2020 Ronald McDonald House

Guest: Jonna Busack Marketing & Corporate Partnerships Manager Ronald McDonald House has been working to keep families with sick kids together.  Being alone in the hospital can be a traumatic experience, especially for children.  Between the two houses in Denver, they are able to house 118 families.  Each room is very similar to a hotel room.  They are also shared rooms, such as sitting areas and pay rooms for the kids.  Because of COVID they have had to shut down the shared areas.  Since people cannot come in and cook meals for the families, they are asking people to donate money so they can bring in meals to the families.  They have still been able to provide the rooms to the families at no cost, it cost Ronald McDonald house $125 a night to house the families.  A family can stay as long as their child is being treated.  Coming up on December 3rd is Light Up The House.  Light up the House is from 6a-6p.  They ask listeners to be a Ray of Hope; they commit to donate $20 a month for the year.  Normally KOSI would be broadcasting from the house, but this year it will be done from the KOSI studio.  A day filled with Christmas music and stories from families staying at the house.           https://rmhc-denver.org/

Published: Monday, November 23, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:30