Mile High Magazine 12/13/2020 City Park Jazz

Guest: Dave Flomberg PR/Marketing/Social Media Director City Park Jazz started in 1986 as a summer event series, since then they now have shows on 10 Sundays during the summer.  It is a local event and all done by volunteers.  It is completely free for people to attend.  Even though Jazz is in the headline, they have artist are very diverse in their style.  An event is fun for all ages.  City Park Jazz is a non-profit and they get their funding though grants, corporate sponsors, and the biggest way is during the shows they send around a bucket and people fill that during the concerts.  You can also donate on their websites.  Due to COVID, they had to cancel the shows for 2020.  The board decided to still pay out all of the musicians even though their show were canceled.  For now the shows are still on for 2021.        cityparkjazz.org

Published: Wednesday, December 16, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:09