Mile High Magazine 08/09/2020 Immigrants filling out the census

Guest: Michael Benitez, Jr., Ph.D. Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Metro State University Almost 50% of the students at MSU are of color, they are also an open enrollment access institution.  Dr. Benitez educated us on how immigrants are afraid to fill it out the 2020 census.  In the Latina and other immigrant communities, they are scared because they have been given misinformation in their communities about filling it out.  They have been told if they fill it out they will be deported.  Dr. Benitez has heard from the community leaders, the people giving this information is white males who are walking around and knocking on doors.  Immigrants should know, someone working with the census who knocks on their doors will have a badge to identify themselves.          

Published: Thursday, August 20, 2020   |   Runtime: 14:53