Mile High Magazine 11/22/2020 National COVID Update

Guest: Doctor Larry Caplin There is a vaccine ready to go from Pfizer and Moderna.  The Pfizer is the vaccine will be more challenging because it needs to be sent out at negative 94 degrees.  The Moderna vaccine is showing to be 95% effective.  Vaccines might be available to front line workers and the most vulnerable in December.  It is looking like there will be a change for the public in March.  The vaccine will prepare your body from the exposure.  It will not stop you from being exposed; it will help your body react more quickly and more aggressively to the exposure.  Children are equally capable to be exposed and contracting COVID as much as adults, they have a much lower rate of showing symptoms.  Because there is such broad exposure right now, they cannot even do contact tracing.  With the holidays coming up and we as much as we do not want to hear it, limit it to immediate family.  Plan on spring activates with the family but lay low right now.             

Published: Monday, November 23, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:11