Mile High Magazine 1/03/2021 Lifeline

Guest: Joel Augustus - Vice President and Claire Harris - Global Engagement Director  Lifeline a safe space nonprofits that focuses on community development ventures.  They work with marginalized comminutes to improve health care, nutrition, and developed programs for young people that do not have access to education or life skills trainings.  Most of their work has been in Latin America, some of the islands in the Caribbean, some of the native tribes in Arizona, and now they are expanding into some African Nations.  Lifeline Adventure is a 60-day challenge that starts March 1st and will be virtual.  It is all about getting people to get together to motivate one another to get healthy but also to help raise awareness to those in need.  The goals can be set individually or in a group.  During the 60 days, people will receive updates on the places and impact being made through the money being raised.     https://www.lifeline.org/ https://www.lifelineadventure.org/

Published: Monday, January 04, 2021   |   Runtime: 15:04