The Drive | Hour 2 | 05.17.23

Hour 2 of The Drive starts with a huge hoorah for the Nuggets holding on for the Game 1 win vs the LA Lakers. How did the Nuggets pull out the win? Is the national narrative shifting now? Derek and DMac go through the comparison of LeBron vs Nikola? Is Jokic better than LeBron right now? Why is Russell Wilson enjoying the courtside life right now? | Did humidity affect the outcome of the WCF Game 1 or just the floor conditions? Derek and DMac go through the process of how the ice can melt and be redone. Has politics taken over how the new stadium could be built for the Broncos? | Rockies keep rolling! Derek recaps his time in Oregon from Tuesday. Why did carry a rock up a mountain? Is Derek training for something? How confident is Derek in his hunting buddy during this trip? 

Published: Thursday, May 18, 2023   |   Runtime: 46:43