Mile High Magazine 02/21/2021 Aurora Warms the Night

Guest: Gabriel Romero COVID has made things much worth with the rates of homelessness.  The biggest issue is housing, where do we put people and the lack of resources.  Because COVID closed certain industries, it put people who were close to poverty but making things worse into the poverty category.  Aurora Warms the Night was started in 2006, the goal was just to get people off the streets when it was really cold.  They work with hotels on east Colfax to temporally get people off the street while they work on permanent housing or mental health issues.  People do not come to them, Aurora Warms the Night goes out and finds people to help them.  If you are able to donate funds or even help take meals you can visit their website. http://www.aurorawarmsthenight.org/

Published: Monday, February 22, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:58