Mile High Magazine 04/02/2023 Fresh Food Connect

Guest: Kayla Birdsong Chief Executive Officer Fresh Food Connect is a national non-profit that started in Denver that was formed to improve access to healthy homegrown food.  One in three Coloradoans or one in four kids in Colorado will face food insecurity this year.  During the pandemic one in three households started growing some part of their own food.  Up to now, there has been no way to get that extra crop into the hands of the families that could use the food and the extra has gone to waste.  Fresh Food Connect has started a mobile app that will allow small gardeners to donate any of their homegrown food, take it to their closest participating food non-profit, that non-profit then distributes the food to those who need it.  Last year they had 2,700 gardeners nationally and collectively they donated 75,000 pounds, which helped 45,000 people.        https://freshfoodconnect.org/

Published: Monday, April 03, 2023   |   Runtime: 14:06