The Drive | Hour 4 | 05.09.23

Hour 4 of The Drive sets the tone for Game 5 between the Nuggets vs the Suns! Are the guys ready to accept the fate of the series after tonight? Dan Bickley from Arizona Sports joins The Drive. Dan lays into how the Jokic vs Ishbia saga has been portrayed. Are Suns fans entitled? Why do Suns fans want Jokic to be suspended so bad? What will happen for the Suns in Game 5? Will they pull out the win? Did Derek piss off our guest? Why is the Matt Ishbia story so huge? | Derek keeps going off on why the Airport is so crazy. Will he boycott DIA one day? Derek talks about his 4-Wheeler times in Colorado. | Does Derek have a long lost sister? The guys try to guess her name! 

Published: Tuesday, May 09, 2023   |   Runtime: 37:36