Mile High Magazine 5/01/2022 Rainmakers Way

Guest: Violet Rainwater Founder Most of us had to learn a new way during the pandemic which has caused a new stress.  People do not have the tools to handle stress in a health way.  Stress in the workplace can look like gossip, miscommunication, workplace bullies, and conflict. The new modern workplace requires us to work from highest self and we do not have access to that when we are in a constant state of stress and when our nervous system is dysregulated.  When our nervous system is dysregulated, it causes us to act like five year olds.  Over 50% of people will leave their jobs due to stress in the workplace.  Ways to change stress is by first increasing their level of awareness and ways to manage the tools when they are triggered.                   https://www.therainmakersway.com/

Published: Monday, May 02, 2022   |   Runtime: 14:59