Mile High Magazine 9/18/2022 Colorado Pet Pantry

Guest: Eileen Lambert Founder and Executive Director In 2013 the Colorado Pet Pantry started as a way to get food to people who need it for their pets.  Canidae is launching a new program, they are creating an ecofriendly refill stations with Petco.  The goal is to save 50,000 of bags going into the landfill every year.  They are also launching a Pound for Pound program, every time someone buys a pound of dog food Canidae will donate a pound of dog food to Colorado Pet Pantry and Animal Rescue of the Rockies.  The program launched the beginning of September.  Colorado Pet Pantry and Animal Rescue of the Rockies is facing a shortage of pet food, Canidae is donating 300,000 pounds to get them started.                   www.canidae.com/refill coloradopetpnatry.org

Published: Monday, September 19, 2022   |   Runtime: 14:16