Mile High Magazine 04/28/2024 Smiling Goat Ranch

Guest: Sheryl Barto Founder/Executive Director Smiling Goat Ranch is an animal therapy program, they bring the healing effects of horses, movement, nature, and an impassioned support of community to people with neuropsychiatric condition.  The horse boy method of equine therapy is an approach based on neuroscience.  The horse boy method is an approach that is done out in nature and following the child or the person, and it's not designed to teach horsemanship skills, but uses horses and small social animals and movement based activities.  It is a tool to reduce stress, improve communication and ultimately the quality of life for individuals with autism, PTSD, depression, anxiety.  Last year they did 630 therapeutic sessions.  All the services they provide are free.

Published: Monday, April 29, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:47