The Drive | Hour 3 | 05.03.23

Hour 3 of The Drive opens with the Broncos draft plans. Did Sean and George accomplish what they set out to do? Is there an odder couple in the NFL? Did the Broncos win for where they were in the draft? | Our Denversports.com Nuggets Analyst Jake Shapiro joins The Drive. Jake talks about what’s up next for the Suns as they prepare for life without Chris Paul. Can the Nuggets afford to get complacent? Could Denver be in the running for a WNBA Team? | The guys go through the top 10 teams in the AFC according to Colin Cowherd. Will Denver make the playoffs? Do you keep Russell Wilson past this season? | Rooftop Richie gets grilled for turning down a trip to Las Vegas with Derek! 

Published: Thursday, May 04, 2023   |   Runtime: 43:57