Mile High Magazine 04/24/2022 Project Angel Heart

Guest:  Owen Ryan President and CEO Project Angel Heart makes medically catered meals for people who are living with severe illnesses.  There is no charge and they are hand delivered once a week that includes meals for the week.  If someone lives on the eastern plains they will ship the meals to them.  Normally there is a medical referral for someone to receive the meals.  So far they have served over 2,000 people.  It takes 500 volunteers to help get a meal ready and delivered. It takes about $60 to provide a week’s worth of food.  Coming up is Dining Out for Life on April 28th, there are over 100 restaurants that are going to give 25% of your check goes to Project Angel Heart.             https://www.projectangelheart.org/

Published: Monday, April 25, 2022   |   Runtime: 14:45