The Drive | Hour 3 | 04.27.23

Hour 3 of The Drive says Happy Draft Day to the NFL and the Denver Broncos! There are multiple moving pieces that settled in before the draft and the guys recap it. A Cardinals and Titans trade is brewing in the NFL but there may be one huge wrinkle. | Denversports.com Avs Analyst Will Petersen joins The Drive. Derek and Will give their individual perspectives on what took place in Game 5. Will details why the penalty was the turning point of the game. Will Nathan MacKinnon have to play more than 30 minutes in Game 6 on Friday night? How do the Avs get to a point where they can go “All In” to get the results they want? | DMac kills everyone with truth about why the Avs need to focus on next season. Derek and DMac debate how ready the Avs will be for Game 6 on Friday Night. | Something is brewing on Denversports.com and it could be the final puzzle piece to a huge story in Denver. In the meantime, Cecil Lammey becomes the butt of some terrible jokes. 

Published: Thursday, April 27, 2023   |   Runtime: 36:52