Mile High Magazine 06/15/2020 2020 Census information and COVID-19 Update

Guest: Susan Stark Colorado Branch 2020 Census The census is in the sixth sentence of the constitution.  It started in 1790 and completed every 10 years.  It is a head count of everyone living in the United States, not just citizens.  The census is important to participate in for two major reason.  The number of people accounted for on the census determine the amount of Federal funding for our resident for 55 different state programs.  These programs are for highways rebuilding, education, unemployment insurance and that is just to name a few.   The second major reason is, the census is what determines our redistricting for legislators for our state in the House of Representatives in Washington.  The census is easy to fill out; there is about 9-12 questions and takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out.  There are three ways to fill out the census; by e-mail, by phone, request a paper form.  If you fill the census out now, you will not have someone come do your door to ask you to do the census.  The census has not stopped working due to COVID.  The deadlines to fill the census on your own has been extended until October 31.       2020census.gov 844-330-2020   Guest:  Dr. John Douglas Executive Director Update on COVID-19

Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2020   |   Runtime: 29:51