Mile High Magazine 06/06/2021 MaxFund

Guest: Selina M. Davison Shelter Manager Max Fund has been in Denver for almost 33 years.  They are a true no kill shelter they are and specializes in cats and dog.  The adopt out about 800 cats and 400-500 dogs every years.  When Denver lifted the pit bull ban, it has now allowed MaxFund to start taking them and rehabilitate or medical care to find homes.  In addition, people in Denver can now adopt the breed from them as well.  They do not do same day adoptions, so they will need references and also to talk to your vet if you have any other pets in the home.  It can take 5-7 days for an adoption to go through.  With people getting ready to go back to work, people have been returned or owner surrendered.    Pet owners need to start working with the pet to let them know that while they are leaving they are still coming back and used to the routine.  Make sure you make it a nonevent when you are leaving.  The more the human stays relaxed the pet stays relaxed.       https://maxfund.org

Published: Thursday, June 10, 2021   |   Runtime: 15:04