Radio Interviews from Denver Sports


  • 3-24-2023
    Q Myers | The Player's Club | 03.24.23
    Q Myers, Program Director at The Game in Las Vegas, joins the show to discuss who the Broncos are getting in backup Jarrett Stidham and why the Raiders would elect to move on from him when signing an injury prone QB in Jimmy Garoppolo.See for privacy information.

  • 3-24-2023
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 03.24.23
    Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike talks about the Broncos recent acquisitions and what they could mean moving forward. Where?s the needle on the WR Room for the Denver Broncos right now? Could the Broncos sneak more players under the cap before minicamp gets going? Mike goes in depth about the fan survey that was released on Thursday. What does it all really mean?   DANIEL SLIM / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 3-24-2023
    Jay Williams | The Drive | 03.24.23
    Our ESPN NBA Insider Jay Williams joins The Drive. Jay discusses the greatness of MPJ and what his role will be heading into the playoffs. How can the Nuggets bench be more reliable? Will the MVP Race be decided this weekend? Jay gives everyone his take on the Sweet 16.  Jess Rapfogel / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 3-22-2023
    Mike Klis | The Player's Club | 03.22.23
    Mike Klis of 9News also joins the show to give the latest on the Broncos Zoom interview with former Penn State QB Sean Clifford and the news that Russ underwent an arthroscopic procedure on his knee following last season.See for privacy information.

  • 3-22-2023
    Kate Scott | The Player's Club | 03.22.23
    The guys are joined by 76ers Play-by-Play announcer for NBC Sports in Philadelphia Kate Scott to give us the lowdown of what the MVP conversation is like in Philly and Joel Embiid.See for privacy information.

  • 3-21-2023
    Troy Renck | The Drive | 03.21.23
    Our Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck joins The Drive. Troy discusses where the Broncos go at WR as they continue to shop around for better options. Could Jeudy realistically attract a 1st round pick? Will Caden Sterns take over for K-Jax at safety next season? Troy gives his most important needs still left. Could more restructuring of contracts take place for the Broncos?  Jesse Grant / Stringer See for privacy information.

  • 3-20-2023
    Matt Moore | The Player's Club | 03.20.23
    Matt Moore, our Nuggets Insider, joins the show to break down yesterday's win and what the focus needs to be for the team just 10 games away from the Playoffs. See for privacy information.

  • 3-20-2023
    Troy Renck | The Player's Club | 03.20.23
    Troy of Denver7 joins the show to discuss what his favorite move of Free Agency was, what kind of impact landing players from successful teams and cultures should have on the Broncos and the news that the Broncos were looking for a First to trade Jerry Jeudy.See for privacy information.

  • 3-17-2023
    Matt Moore | Schlereth and Evans | 03.17.23
    Matt Moore joins the show to recap last nights win for the Nuggets in Detroit and the negative narrative surrounding Nikola Jokic and the MVP race as a whole.See for privacy information.

  • 3-17-2023
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 03.17.23
    Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Dre?Mont Jones says goodbye to Broncos Country. Mike details why Jones and the Broncos couldn?t get a deal done. Mike also talks about why Zach Allen got the nod over Dre?Mont. How much drama within the Broncos locker room led Dre?Mont to say what he said earlier today? Mike gives everyone an update on the WR Rumors and who could be on the move.  Matthew Stockman / StaffSee for privacy information.

  • 3-17-2023
    Jay Williams | The Drive | 03.17.23
    Our ESPN NBA Insider Jay Williams joins The Drive! Jay talks about why the Nuggets are struggling right now. Will this bench get back on track? Why is Coach Malone throwing the Nuggets under the bus again? Jay Williams has a March Mayhem story for the ages!  Gregory Shamus / StaffSee for privacy information.

  • 3-14-2023
    Mike Klis | Schlereth and Evans | 03.14.23
    Mike Klis of 9News joins the show to recap a busy day of Free Agency for the Broncos and how it impacts the view of the Draft in April.See for privacy information.

  • 3-13-2023
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 03.13.23
    Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike details what?s going on with the Broncos after their newest Free Agent signings! Where do the Broncos need to go next? When will the defense get going in Free Agency? Also, could Jerry Jeudy be on the move? Mike details the latest saga with the WR room. Justin Casterline / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 3-10-2023
    Rod Smith | The Player's Club | 03.10.23
    Ring of Fame Receiver Rod Smith joins the guys live in studio to discuss what he saw from the Broncos last year with Russell Wilson, what he sees in the young core of Receivers and his excitement for the 2023 season.See for privacy information.

  • 3-10-2023
    Mike Klis | Stokley and Zach | 03.10.23
    Stokley and Zach were joined by Mike Klis as he gave an update on the expectations of bringing back Dre'Mont Jones. Are the Broncos going to move on from Graham Glasgow?See for privacy information.

  • 3-10-2023
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 03.10.23
    Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike gives everyone the latest with the Broncos news from earlier today. Mike dives into who the Broncos may have their eyes on in Free Agency. If you?re Dre?Mont Jones, do you stay or do you go? Chicago is the front runner for Jones but can the Broncos make an effort to keep him around? Mike highlights how letting a guy like Graham Glasgow go is tough on both sides.  Icon Sportswire / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 3-10-2023
    Jay Williams | The Drive | 03.10.23
    Our ESPN NBA Insider Jay Williams joins The Drive. Jay talks about the new narratives that have come out about Nikola Jokic this week. Should race ever be brought into sports? Also, how should Denver feel now that they?re getting attention? Ja Morant is in trouble, but can he turn it around?  Dustin Bradford / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 3-8-2023
    Adam Amin | Schlereth and Evans | 03.08.23
    Bulls Play-by-Play announcer and Stink's FOX Broadcasting partner Adam Amin joins the show to preview Bulls and Nuggets tonight and the National sense of Nikola Jokic's greatness that isn't just ESPN.See for privacy information.

  • 3-7-2023
    Matt Moore | The Player's Club | 03.07.23
    Matt Moore, our Nuggets Insider, joins the show to break down the Nuggets hot streak and the outlook of the Western Conference heading into the Playoffs.See for privacy information.

  • 3-7-2023
    Troy Renck | The Drive | 03.07.23
    Our Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck joins The Drive. Troy discusses why the Broncos chose to go the other way from Dre?Mont Jones. What should be the Broncos next focus? Could signing a few O-Lineman in Free Agency be worth the investment? What would it take to bring in Derrick Henry from the Tennessee Titans? How do the Broncos free up some cap space?  Icon Sportswire / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 3-4-2023
    JR Pierce | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 3.4.2023
    Terry is joined by JR Pierce from Colorado Clays who tells us how to get ready for turkey season and leagues.See for privacy information.

  • 3-4-2023
    Brad Petersen | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 3.4.2023
    Brad Petersen from Brad Petersen Outdoors hops on the line to tell us about conditions, his newsletter, and how to get ready for spring.See for privacy information.

  • 3-4-2023
    Nate Zelinsky | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 3.4.2023
    Our favorite contributor, Nate Zelinsky from Tightline Outdoors, kicks off the second hour talking about current ice conditions before getting into big game.See for privacy information.

  • 3-4-2023
    Dan Shannon | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 3.4.2023
    Terry closes out the hour with Dan Shannon from Fishing with Bernie to give us an update about the conditions in the Granby area.See for privacy information.