Radio Interviews from Denver Sports


  • 5-5-2023
    Charles Barkley | Schlereth and Evans | 05.05.23
    Charles Barkley of TNT joins the show to give his thoughts on the Nuggets Playoff run and Championship aspirations.See for privacy information.

  • 5-5-2023
    Kellan Olsen | The Drive | 05.05.23
    Kellan Olsen from Arizona Sports joins The Drive. Kellan talks about the change to the starting line up while also emphasizing why Kevin Durant needs to step up. Can Kevin take over in the 4th quarter tonight for Phoenix? How is Deandre Ayton perceived in Phoenix? What is the final prediction for tonight from Phoenix? Garrett Ellwood / Contributor See for privacy information.

  • 5-5-2023
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 05.05.23
    Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike talks about the biggest holes left on the Broncos. How much work does the defense need? What?s the plan for the Broncos RB room? Will Javonte Williams be ready by the beginning of the season? What are the concerns of rookie WR Marvin Mims? Could the media be back in action next week at practice?  Matthew Stockman / Staff See for privacy information.

  • 5-5-2023
    Jay Williams | The Drive | 05.05.23
    Our ESPN NBA Insider Jay Williams joins The Drive. Jay Williams talks about the magnitude of this game for Phoenix. How much pressure is Deandre Ayton? How will the Nuggets stop Ayton?s aggressiveness tonight? How will the Suns make up the loss of CP3? Is the narrative starting to shift on the Denver Nuggets nationally?  Garrett Ellwood / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 5-4-2023
    Troy Renck | Schlereth and Evans | 05.04.23
    Troy Renck, our Denver7 Broncos Insider, joins the show to give his input on the Broncos roster after the Draft, preview Game 3 for the Nuggets in Phoenix and are Rockies fans sending a clear and direct message to Ownership.See for privacy information.

  • 5-3-2023
    Mike Klis | The Player's Club | 05.03.23
    Mike Klis, our 9News Broncos Insider, joins the show to discuss the trade for Tight End Adam Trautman and if the drafting of Marvin Mims Jr. is a tip to what kind of Offense we may see under Sean Payton in 2023.See for privacy information.

  • 5-2-2023
    Kellan Olsen | The Drive | 05.02.23
    Kellan Olsen from Arizona Sports joins The Drive. Kellan talks about Game 2 and how the Suns were able to slow the Nuggets down, but it wasn?t enough. What?s next in Game 3? How will the Suns be received at home? Could Dillon Brooks be a good fit in Phoenix?   Matthew Stockman / StaffSee for privacy information.

  • 5-2-2023
    Troy Renck | The Drive | 05.02.23
    Our Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck joins The Drive! Troy talks about how the Nuggets pulled out their win on Monday. Troy also talks about the report on the Broncos draft. Did the Broncos get it right? How many of the guys will be able to step up and fill the roles of the past? How many needs did the Broncos fill in the draft?   Icon Sportswire / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 4-28-2023
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 04.28.23
    Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike talks about the Broncos plans tonight for Day 2 of the NFL Draft. Will the Broncos trade down? What are the positions of need heading into tonight? Could Safety be a sneaky pick for the Broncos this weekend? How important is it for Greg and Carrie Penner to be around the Draft Process?  Justin Casterline / Contributor See for privacy information.

  • 4-28-2023
    Jay Williams | The Drive | 04.28.23
    Our ESPN NBA Insider Jay Williams joins The Drive. Jay predicts how this series will go! Jay gets into the player matchups of Suns vs Nuggets and how the Nuggets will fare! Can the Nuggets make Jay right for national bragging rights? Will Denver be celebrating bare knuckle fighting or supporting the Nuggets in Game 1 vs the Phoenix Suns?  Bart Young / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 4-26-2023
    Troy Renck | Stokley and Zach | 04.26.2023
    Our Denver7 Broncos Insider, Troy Renck, joins Stokley and Zach to give his thoughts on the eve of the draft. He doesn?t think the Broncos will trade up or draft a QB. He gives his thoughts as an alumnus on the state of the program after CU?s spring game.See for privacy information.

  • 4-24-2023
    Troy Renck | The Players Club | 04.24.2023
    The guys are joined by our Denver7 Broncos Insider, Troy Renck, to get his take. He thinks the poor test narrative in regard to CJ Stroud is bunk. He tells us how NFL GM?s try to prevent drafting busts. They get his thoughts on the NFL's gambling rules.See for privacy information.

  • 4-21-2023
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 04.21.23
    Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Mike talks about his biggest takeaways from the Broncos Pre-Draft Press Conference. What is the relationship between Sean Payton and George Paton right now? Is TE a new position of need for the Denver Broncos? Did Derek get sick again after his recent activities?  Justin Casterline / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 4-21-2023
    Jay Williams | The Drive | 04.21.23
    Our ESPN NBA Insider Jay Williams joins The Drive. Jay talks about the difference between the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves! Jay Will calls out The Drive about Jamal Murray and their recent comments over the last few weeks. Derek and Jay Will have a coming-of-age moment about why Denver continues to question Jamal Murray. What should the Nuggets expect from the T-Wolves tonight?  Matthew Stockman / StaffSee for privacy information.

  • 4-18-2023
    Greg Anthony | Schlereth and Evans | 04.18.23
    TNT's Greg Anthony joins Schlereth and Evans to breakdown the Nuggets series. What are the weaknesses Greg sees in the Nuggets? Is Coach Malone getting too much guff?See for privacy information.

  • 4-18-2023
    Dave Tomlinson | Schlereth and Evans | 04.18.23
    Seattle Kraken color announcer, Dave Tomlinson, joins the show to preview the Avalanche vs Kraken series. See for privacy information.

  • 4-18-2023
    Mike Salk | The Drive | 04.18.23
    Hour 4 of The Drive opens with Mike Salk from Brock and Salk on Seattle Sports 710! Mike gives a breakdown on the Seattle Kraken and who to keep your eye on heading into this series! Will there be any fights tonight? The Drive vs Mike Salk gets going early into the interview! Mike talks about the goalie situation that has plagued Seattle all season. What will the final score be? Does Mike pick the Kraken to win the series?  Christopher Mast / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 4-18-2023
    Troy Renck | The Drive | 04.18.23
    Our Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck joins The Drive. Troy talks about his time with Emmanuel Sanders and what he?s doing with his foundation. Is there any Broncos news to report? Also, how is Russ handling the Golf Cart Gate? Troy talks about Russ getting back to form because it?s still in him.  Leon Bennett / StringerSee for privacy information.

  • 4-17-2023
    Bo Byram | The Drive | 04.17.23
    Colorado Avalanche Defenseman Bo Byram joins The Drive. Bo talks about joining a winning team in the Avs and how fortunate he?s been to be a Stanley Cup Champion at 21. Derek and Bo talk about not growing complacent. Bo talks about digging deep this season in spite of their circumstances! Bo talks about smashing his stick at practice and using that as fuel to get it going tomorrow. Why was Bo almost kicked out the Avs SCF Championship Parade?  Michael Martin / ContributorSee for privacy information.

  • 4-15-2023
    JR Pierce | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 04.15.2023
    JR Pierce from Colorado Clays gives us some pointers on how to maintain our big game rifles and he gives us an overview of their facility.See for privacy information.

  • 4-15-2023
    Nate Zelinsky | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 04.15.2023
    Nate Zelinsky joins Terry to talk about some Walleye fishing before they pivot to turkey hunting, which guns to bring, and some big game deals.See for privacy information.

  • 4-15-2023
    Steve Pennaz | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 04.15.2023
    Steve Pennaz from Lake Commandos Television gives us some advice for switching from live bait to soft baits.See for privacy information.

  • 4-15-2023
    Jim Ramsay | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 04.15.2023
    Jim Ramsay from Colorado Parks and Wildlife hops on the line to tell us about some spring fishing opportunities in southeast Colorado.See for privacy information.

  • 4-15-2023
    Brett Walker | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 04.15.2023
    Brett Walker from Colorado Parks and Wildlife calls in to tell us about the sage grouse populations.See for privacy information.