Coach Prime and Shedeur Sanders are creating a mess online

May 1, 2024, 4:25 PM | Updated: 4:25 pm

Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders...

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The Colorado Buffaloes continue to be the center of the college football world, and over the last 48 hours it’s because of things Deion Sanders and Shedeur Sanders have said on social media.

The latest drama started when former Buffs safety Xavier Smith told the Athletic his story on leaving CU. Smith detailed his emotions of feeling like a background character in a TV show, where he wished for a bit more compassion and said other players hopes and confidence was killed. Smith elaborated that he was cut by Sanders without the coach ever looking at him in the eye.

Colorado’s star quarterback and the coach’s son who is one of the team’s leaders, Shedeur Sanders posted to Twitter that he didn’t remember who Smith was.

“Bro had to be very mid at best,” Shedeur Sanders wrote, talking down on the now FCS safety. Smith went on to earn freshman All-American honors at Austin Peavy after missing his lone year at CU with a broken leg.

Meanwhile, the Buffs fanbase and some homer media figures went to bat for CU saying Smith’s experience was not unique in the new college football. At the same time, many asked the reasonable question of whether should teenagers be treated like this anyway.

Things kept escalating online with Colorado wideout Kaleb Mathis posting a video of himself besting Smith in a practice last spring. Smith’s teammate then shared that Mathis had just 38 receiving yards last season. And then Ward’s stats came out of 36 tackles at Austin Peavy.

Deion Sanders quoted the stats on Twitter and said “Lawd Jesus.”

The Coach Prime clapback at an unknown FCS baller was viewed over a dozen million times. Prime also went back at another user who pointed out Shedeur’s social media behavior and Colorado’s 4-8 record.

“He will be a top 5 pick,” Deion Sanders said on Twitter of Shedeur’s. “Where yo son going ? Lololol I got time today. Lololol.”

Some speculated that the antics would risk Shedeur’s hopes of going first overall in the draft.

Sanders’ eldest son who worked for him and CU was also talking bad about media members on Wednesday while other Buffs staffers continued to tow the company line.

At the very least, the Sanders have made the Buffs more enemies headed into their important 2024 season. At worst, the Sanders showed their true colors of not actually caring about the black and gold but about themselves and draft stock.


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Coach Prime and Shedeur Sanders are creating a mess online