Mental Monday: It’s time for a weekly “check up from the neck up”

Sep 19, 2022, 6:00 AM

Dr. Rick Perea...

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Rick Perea)

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Rick Perea)

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As the performance psychologist for the 2015 Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos (and the Colorado Rockies and Denver Nuggets), many players, coaches and even front office personnel asked me, “So what is it that you do?” In essence, I teach people – and, on occasion, animals – to regulate their emotional and psychological thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

I do this through research and evidence-based techniques and protocols like diaphragmatic breathing, visual imagery and positive self-talk (intrapersonal communication). These techniques and protocols are easily taught by credentialed professionals (not coaches or lay-people who think “mindset” is easily trainable). If teaching these techniques were that simple, you would not have roughly 60-70 percent of performers reporting that they regularly struggle with stress and anxiety that impedes performance.

In addition, athletic performers are not the only people who battle stress and anxiety. The American Psychological Association (APA) recently reported that more than 70 percent of all U.S. citizens struggle with mental acuity on a daily basis. Mental health professionals must get better at relating to and understanding how people “get inside their own head” at the detriment of leading calm and regulated lives.

Further, because overall crime in the U.S. is up, school violence is spiking and an overall sense of pressure and aggression in the workplace is being reported by many business leaders, the mental health community has its work cut out for us in the next decade and beyond.

As such, welcome to my bi-monthly editorial here for The Fan where you will get your “Check up from the neck up” on Mental Mondays twice monthly. I have been on Sandy Clough’s show for close to a decade and he has become a close family friend. I am deeply committed to helping and healing everyday people learn the techniques and practices that will not only help them perform better but teach those around them.

I will always remember teaching quarterbacks like Brock Osweiler and Ryan Tannehill these techniques only to find them teaching other quarterbacks on their respective teams. That is one of the most-pleasing aspects of my work; to know people spread the love and sugar, if you will.

Further, as the CEO and leader of ThinkOne in Greenwood Village, we as mental health providers are committed to helping through our mind/body philosophy here that includes float tanks, bio mats (amethyst crystals), neurofeedback and mental enhancement coaching (couples, executives, and individuals) to name a few. I also speak to (motivation and performance) teams and organizations and provide several organizationally based workshops. No topic is off limits, and no failure is final here on Mental Mondays. Finally, in addition, tune in to my weekly Mental Monday podcast to get your “Check up from the neck up.”

Let’s ride… my people.


Have you had a “Check up from the neck up” recently? Athlete, executive or everyday person, we all need to “get our head right.” Book a free consultation with Dr. P today.

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Mental Monday: It’s time for a weekly “check up from the neck up”