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This Dream House is all about the home. We discuss renovations, remodels, buying, selling and anything else pertaining to the home. We will mix in sports talk and what’s happening in town. Plus enjoy professional cooking tips from Colorado’s Top Celebrity Chef, Mark Kalix.

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Special Segment for July 8th

Sam Boik
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Sam Boik

Easily elevate your game day menu with an air fryer

March and April hold many opportunities to host game-day gatherings, none of which are complete without good food and good company. If you are the go-to host who is looking for an easy way to elevate your menu, upgrading to an air fryer is one of the easiest ways to take your game time cooking to the next level.

Game day favorites like wings, fries and onion rings are just better when air fried.

Why switch to air fry?
Air fry is one of the hottest trends in appliances right now for good reason. It is a specific style of true convection that gets hotter and blows air faster than traditional convection ovens. This allows home cooks to create oven quality dishes, but at speeds that rival a microwave. Give your wings and fries the crispy crunch that your guests crave without the mess and unhealthy fat that comes with deep frying.

Countertop vs built-in air fryers
Air fryers come in two main styles, a stand alone appliance that sits on your countertop or a built-in range with air fry capabilities. There are pros and cons to each:

Benefits of a countertop air fryer
● Faster pre-heating due to smaller oven cavity
● Less energy consumption
● Easier to clean
● Lower price

Our first round pick: GE G90AAASSPSS

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Benefits of a built-in range with air fry
● Removes clutter from your countertop by eliminating an appliance
● Significantly larger capacity than countertop models
● Extra features on high end models, like temperature probes and steam cooking

Our first round pick: Frigidaire Gallery FGEH3047VF

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Whether you go with a countertop air fryer or a full sized range with air fry built in, your guests will love the extra crunch in your dishes and will appreciate that it doesn’t come with all the extra oil.

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