The Drive | Hour 4 | 03.16.23

Hour 4 of The Drive welcomes in DST as they recap the crazy day with the March Mayhem Tournament! The guys discuss the biggest upset of the day. Also, Will Petersen went to Missouri and it leads to a bigger story about why he didn’t go to Princeton! Therapy is in session on The Drive! Who else should be on Upset Alert? The guys let you know. The Avs are soaring to open the game! Could the Avs make a serious run in the playoffs? The Nuggets are trying to get on track. Jokic is playing a different game tonight but the guys get into why Jamal is still playing. | Will the media ever meet the new Broncos? How do the Broncos increase their social setting for the fans moving forward? | The Nuggets are trying to get it going but in the meantime, what can the Broncos expect form their O-Line? What could be the downside to the new pieces on the line? What’s the line you draw with the Jerry Jeudy trade rumors and JJ potentially ever being traded? 

Published: Thursday, March 16, 2023   |   Runtime: 41:21