Denver Sports Tonight | 02.21.24

DST follows the breadcrumbs as to why JJ McCarthy to Denver has some smoke to it. Cecil Lammey ties the rumors together and helps Broncos Country to know what it all really means. Sean Payton is to a new QB as tinder is to dating; Who’s his ideal guy in the NFL Draft? Cecil reminds Sean to let his hair down so that the guys in the media can show him all is good moving forward. | JJ McCarthy is still getting better so why is watching his maturation so hard? Cecil talks about making sure Sean knows that whatever he decides to do at QB, it needs to stop the bleeding for a very long time. | Cecil Lammey ends the show explaining why the Broncos must get their QB in the 1st round.

Published: Thursday, February 22, 2024   |   Runtime: 43:13