Denver Sports Tonight | 01.04.24

DST immediately discusses why QB Ben DiNucci made comments about competing next year today in the locker room. It leads James Merilatt and Will Petersen on a fire storm about why playing the waiting game isn’t worth the risk. James defends that things can get better with Russ while Will says drafting a QB is inevitable. Would trading PS2 help or hurt the Broncos if they did go the draft route? | The argument continues as Will has numbers to support why you need a change. The games discuss why the QB carousel would continue if drafting a QB is the ultimate route. The guys hit some quick news and notes! | James and Will argue about why the NBA All-Star voting continues to be a popularity contest! Will the Avs get snubbed in their All-Star bids?

Published: Friday, January 05, 2024   |   Runtime: 42:18