Mile High Magazine 04/14/2024 Oprah Effect on Weight Loss Meds

Guest:  Dr. Angela Tran Med Fit Medical Weight Loss Oprah has been one of the most scrutinized celebrities in terms of her weight.  Recently she had a special about weight loss, she really was very vulnerable, to help raise awareness that obesity is a medical disease.  There is a metabolic rooted problem when it comes to weight challenges.  There are certain medical conditions that can actually interfere with your progress, such as insulin resistance., diabetes, cholesterol problems and even females with, hormone problems, thyroid problems, and menopause.  There are medications out there that can help but not every medication is meant for everyone.  While these medications are very effective, they definitely need to be accompanied by the proper diet exercise, a person still need to develop the right healthy lifestyle changes.

Published: Monday, April 15, 2024   |   Runtime: 16:01