Mile High Magazine 03/19/2023 First Candle

Guest: Alison Jacobson is the CEO First Candle is committed to ending sudden unexpected infant death through education and outreach campaign but also providing support to families that have lost a baby to sudden unexpected infant death or stillbirth.  SID stands for sudden infant death, SUID stands for sudden unexpected infant death.  There are 3,500 SUID deaths a year; the rate has not gone down in 20 years.  During the pandemic, while the rate stayed the same, the number went up for black children.  Breast-feeding can reduce the rate of SUIDs by 50% but they also believe in meeting families where they are at and there is no shame if they cannot.  The best way for a baby to sleep is on a very firm flat mattress on their back with no blankets or stuff animals.  https://firstcandle.org/

Published: Tuesday, March 21, 2023   |   Runtime: 14:30