The Drive | Hour 3 | 02.24.23

Hour 3 has a visit from The Morning Show as Mark and Mike come on to defend themselves! Did the Broncos get the VJ hire correct? Also, why do they support Sean Payton so much? Is DMac being a negative nancy? Will DMac save Mike a snack? | Was VJ truly the best hire for the job? Big O lays out why the Broncos didn’t have a choice. | Big O had a scary personal moment last night and he explains what happened. | Stephen A. has good words for Nikola Jokic and his chances for a 3-peat. The guys react! Our Denversports.com Nuggets Analyst Jake Shapiro joins The Drive. Jake recaps the Nuggets come from behind win vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jake details the debut of Reggie Jackson and the new bench unit. Also, how close is Jokic to locking in the MV3? 

Published: Saturday, February 25, 2023   |   Runtime: 41:36