The Drive | Hour 1 | 05.08.23

Hour 1 of The Drive opens with the initial reaction to Matt Ishbia vs Nikola Jokic during Game 4 of the Nuggets vs Suns series. Who was in the wrong? Derek and DMac are back! Derek talks about his amazing time in Las Vegas! Who all did Derek run into? Any former Broncos? | The guys go through why Drew believes Nikola Jokic will be suspended! What cause does Jokic have to be suspended? Will Matt Ishbia, owner of the Phoenix Suns, be punished? | Drew vs the RamosLaw.com Textline is off and rolling! Did Drew get himself suspended with his comments? | What’s next for Nikola Jokic? Will the Nuggets get things back on track? The Broncos resign a former starter. Is it proof that Sean Payton is running things with the Broncos? 

Published: Tuesday, May 09, 2023   |   Runtime: 44:27