Denver Sports Tonight | 12.12.23

Cecil Lammey doesn’t take long to get under people’s skin as he goes scorched earth on those who don’t believe that the Broncos could be Super Bowl contenders. Cecil lays out why the Broncos need to get more love, but it starts with the 104.3 The Fan on air host. Also, who puts fear in the Broncos hearts? Cecil lists a few teams but ultimately his case remains. Could this season become Super Bowl or bust? | Courtland Sutton is the #1 WR according to Cecil. Cecil explains why he’s the perfect fit for what Sean is asking of Russ right now. Would any other top #1 WR be able to do more than what Court is doing right now with Russ? | Kareem Jackson is getting the short end of the stick. Cecil explains why Kareem can’t fold to the NFL’s hand. Now is the time to prove a point, especially for the next generation!

Published: Wednesday, December 13, 2023   |   Runtime: 42:40