The Fan's Producer Podcast | 3.21.23

On this episode of The Producers Podcast two worlds collide as night time Producer Collin Zanker and The morning man John Simmer get together and bring you insight from behind the board.  The madness of March continues as 64 have become 16 in the NCAA.  Collin eats some humble pie as some top seeds were upset by low seeds in the first weekend of the tournament.  John has some insight as to why this happens.  Coach Prime is elevating everyone's play in boulder as the CU women advance in the tourney also.  Collin ponders just who this Avs team really is.  Are they the team that wins 5-0 or the team that loses 5 of 4 games to start the month? Do the Nuggets get a pass for their last few games?  Collin and John let you know how they want to see this team go into the playoffs.See our website for privacy information.

Published: Tuesday, March 21, 2023   |   Runtime: 40:28