Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1:2/2/19

Troy Coburn joins the show to talk about jigs & jig flies that he's been tying & using, as well as some fishing updates. Troy mentions drawing on past experiences to force a reaction bite from big aggressive fish. Robb Carter with Navajo State Park joins the show to talk about winter activities at Navajo, as well as cabin rentals, wildlife that can be seen, and the new boat ramp that will open March 1st, just in time for crappie fishing. Ryan Herlehy joins the show to talk about calling & communicating with turkeys, and where to go for help if you are a beginner in turkey hunting. Ryan talks about the variety of tags that can be purchased, and information about going into a draw.

Published: Saturday, February 02, 2019   |   Runtime: 42:55