Mile High Magazine 11/07/2021 Christmas Crusade for Children

Guest: Paul Skattum Vice President and Police Officer and School Resource Officer The Christmas Crusade started in 1983, originally known as Santa Cops, it was a bunch of officers from Denver Police and Sheriffs that got together to help the communities especially around Christmas.  They now have over 33 groups that are all a part of Christmas Crusade.  The agencies works with the families to get children gifts for Christmas.  They help about 1500 families a years.  KYGO is a big partner for Christmas Crusade providing a space for them to work, using the website as a place for donations just to mention a few.  The call center to sponsor a child will open on 11/22.  The program is not limited to just helping at Christmas.  This past summer they helped a family who lost everything in a house fire.  303-322-KIDS          https://kygo.com/christmascrusade/ 

Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:57