Schlereth and Evans | Hour 2 | 12.14.22

Hour 2 of Schlereth and Evans heads down the lane to 4-down territory! 4-down territory leads in with the Avs beating the Flyers, a Russell Wilson update, losing a player to a division rival, and can the Broncos capitalize on a battered Cardinals team? Could Ryan O'Reilly be the answer to the Avs problems? What's Trending has a story about Bill Belichick looking out for the guys in a very unique way, Tom Brady hates autographs after the game, Miami Dolphins needed heaters in LA, and another well deserved Mike Leach tribute. If Coach Hackett were a gutsy coach and spoke his mind more, would he be a better coach? 

Published: Wednesday, December 14, 2022   |   Runtime: 42:27