Denver Sports Tonight | 12.27.23

DST isn’t shocked by the latest move but the timing? Maybe! Cecil Lammey comes at you with his thoughts on why Russ was benched now compared to after the season. Cecil also lays out why the eventual releasing of Russell Wilson will be like pennies on the dollar to the Walton/Penner Group. Sean may not be liked but he does know what’s best for him and Cecil explains what that means. | Cecil goes through what to expect from Jarrett Stidham this Sunday vs the Chargers. How will the Broncos offense look coming up this week? Cecil explains why Stidham is a backup, no matter what happens to close the 2023 regular season. | Cecil talks about why Jayden Daniels needs to be the Broncos guy in the 2024 NFL Draft. Even if he’s not a Sean Payton prototype, it’ll be best for Sean as the NFL is heading in a different direction.

Published: Thursday, December 28, 2023   |   Runtime: 43:54