Denver Sports Tonight | 01.31.24

DST doesn’t waste time as they discuss the latest reports from Cecil and Mase about the Broncos meetings with Michael Pratt, QB from Tulane! Will Petersen and Marcello Romano discuss why this is important when it comes to what the Broncos think about QB in this offseason. The guys transition into why Bo Nix and MPJ are struggling at the Senior Bowl. Could this become a three-horse race at the top again? Will Petersen talks about his article that has drawn interest about a former New Orleans Saint! | ESPN ranked the 57 Super Bowl teams that have played up to this point. Will and Marcello go through where the Broncos three Super Bowls were ranked!  | Russell Wilson to Pittsburgh is a match made in heaven according to Marcello. The guys piggyback off ESPN’s comments today and discuss what his return to Denver could look like in a different uniform.

Published: Thursday, February 01, 2024   |   Runtime: 43:51