Mile High Magazine 01/07/2024 Mothers’ Milk Bank

Guest: Rebecca Heinrich Director Mothers’ Milk Bank works with neo-natal intensive care units (NICUs) at hospitals across the country are able to have nutrition for pre-term babies.  Since the babies are so small, Mothers’ Milk Bank provides human milk for babies and makes sure that is safe and screened so they are getting the proper nutrition.  There has been an increase in demand with clinicians learning about the benefits of donor human milk.  The clinician are recognizing more and more the nutritional benefits plus the immune system benefits.  Human donors are mothers who are producing more milk then they need for their baby.  A mother has to be prescreened with medical questions and some blood work, after you are approved they will send a courier to pick it up, you can take it to the hospital you delivered at, or they even work with FedEx to overnight.  In 2023 they had 800 new donors with a total of 685,000 ounces.  If a family is needing donor milk, talk to your care team and they will help you out.  If you have been discharged and still needing help, you will need a prescription and call the Mother’s Milk Bank.

Published: Monday, January 08, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:32