Mile High Magazine 03/31/2024 Wish of a Lifetime Hearing Health

Guest: Monica Murray, a doctor of audiology with UnitedHealthcare Hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition in the United States, there are about 48 million adults who experience hearing loss to some degree.  Partially due to exposure to loud sounds and due to age related changes.  There are many social and mental impacts due to hearing loss.  People stop doing certain things because they get frustrated.  Once your hearing is gone, you cannot get it back.  Tinnitus is a persistent noise you hear; it could be a crackling noise or even a buzzing noise.  If you have tinnitus, it is important to go and get your hearing checked by a health care professional.  Wish of A Lifetime grants life changing wishes to older adults that helps them celebrate their accomplishments and share their stories and empowers them to chose how they live as they age.

Published: Monday, April 01, 2024   |   Runtime: 14:30