Mile High Magazine 06/23/2024 Denver Dumb Friends League

Guest: Ali Mickelson Senior Director of Advocacy At the Denver Dumb Friends League, they believe that one of the ways they can provide the best care for animals is by influencing the laws a policies that impact animal sheltering and animal care in Colorado.  Ballot Initiative 145 will create a career pathway for a Veterinarian Professional Associates or a Veterinarian PA similar to a PA in human medicine.  They will be a masters degree level professional who will work under the supervision of a Veterinarian.  They will be able to do routine checkups, diagnose minor condition, even perform minor procedures.  Right now in Colorado there is a shortage of Veterinarian, Ballot Initiative 145 will help expand care to more people.  We can help by signing the petition to get the initiative on the ballot for November.

Published: Tuesday, July 02, 2024   |   Runtime: 14:57