Mile High Magazine 06/30/2024 Brent’s Place

Guest: Monique McCoy Vice President of External Affairs Brent's Place is a long-term home away from home for families and children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses while they receive treatment at local hospitals.  They are one of the only places in the region that can keep families together.  Brent’s Place is so much more than just a place to have a roof over their head.  Brent’s Place is a community, they offer meal support, and family outings.  There is no limit to how long a family can stay with Brent’s Place.  They served families from 19 states and just under 400 families in 2023.  They started with five apartments and now have 70 apartments.  On July 15th they have their annual golf tournament and still have a few spots open.

Published: Tuesday, July 02, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:36