Mile High Magazine 09/05/2021 Conquering CHD Colorado

Guest: Sam Juhnke President of Conquering CHD Colorado and Margaret Keller of Heart Hero   They serve congenital heart defect families in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah.  They exist to concur the most common birth defect is congenital heart defect.  One in 100 babies are born with some form of CHD, about 630 are born here in Colorado every year.  They hope to create visibility of CHD and empower everyone impacted by it across the life span.  A child is born with CHD, most causes are unknown, and there is no cure for CHD.  Conquering CHD Colorado has a list of questions tool that you can ask your doctor to help take some of the pressure off the parents.  Coming up on September 12th at Hudson Garden is the Super Hero Heart run for CHD.  People can sign up to do a 2k or 5k walk/run.  Heart Hero’s partner with other CHD around the country to help raise awareness and funds for CHD.           https://www.conqueringchd.org/colorado https://www.superheroheartrun.com/denver/

Published: Tuesday, September 07, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:03