Mile High Magazine 05/26/2024 American Cancer Society

Guest: Kelly Moran Senior Executive Director, Colorado & Utah   May is skin Cancer Awareness Month.  Skin cancer is actually the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US, about 5 million are diagnosis each year of skin cancer, the most common of which is called Melanoma and the two most common are basal and squamous cell.  wearing sunscreen is so important. Wearing a sunscreen of at least a 30 SPF, wear a hat, sunglasses, you reapply the sunscreen as directed are ways to help prevent skin cancer.  Skin cancer is caused mainly by UV rays, sunlight is the most common source to those.  Colorado does have one of the higher rates of skin cancer, our altitude definitely impacts that. If you're seeing anything that looks different on your skin, that is something you should get looked at.

Published: Tuesday, May 28, 2024   |   Runtime: 14:59