Mile High Magazine 09/10/2023 Tennyson Center for Children

Guest: Mindy Wastrous President and CEO Tennyson Center for Children serves kids and families who have been impacted by neglect, abuse and other traumatic experiences.  They started as an orphanage over 120 years ago.  They have a day treatment school that helps with children who need a little bit more then what they would get in their district school.  Each child has a clinician, in class teachers, and youth treatment counselors that help them heal. They also in home services to work with the family an the child.  This helps to keep the child in their home during treatment.  The residential program is for kids with intellectual disabilities and mental health and behavioral challenges.  Colorado is 42nd in the nation for proving mental health services to the youth.  Coming up on September 15th is the Mile High Q and Brew at Mile High Station.  Q & Brew is a night with BBQ, drinks, a live auction, spirit pull, and a concert featuring Conner Smith!

Published: Monday, September 11, 2023   |   Runtime: 15:45